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2020-02-09Two Ways of Defining Private Functions in Clojure Inconsistent privacy
2019-02-24An Overview of Git States and Transitions A picture is worth a thousand words
2019-02-24Git Miscellany A bunch of things about Git
2018-12-09How to Comment in Clojure Where do the semicolons go and how many do I need?
2018-11-18 Clojure Macros with Private Helpers An interesting consequence of a fundamental difference between symbols in different Lisps
2018-07-21Why do Many Clojure Projects Have a "core" Namespace? "core" namespaces in Clojure are annoying!
2018-06-17 AWS Conceptual Model A high-level description of AWS concepts
2018-02-22 Three-Tier Microservices Some old ideas in a new context
2017-12-15REPL-Based Development A REPL is more than just a REPL window
2017-12-15REPL-Based Development and Feedback Loops REPL-Based development is a fine(‑grained) thing
2017-10-29Separate CIDER REPL Histories for Different Clojure Projects CIDER doesn't let me have different histories for different projects! Oh, yes it does.
2014-08-17Basic Om Concepts — A Concise Introduction If you are struggling to get to grips with Om concepts, this may help
2013-06-18Stuart Sierra's Clojure Development Workflow Reloading the REPL
2013-03-26Symbols and Namespaces in Clojure and Common Lisp Are you confused by symbols in Clojure and Common Lisp? Then read this.